Farm 360

Farm 360 brings together two of the key advisory sectors, accounting and agronomy. We provide independent strategic and relevant advice to growers through a premium whole farm service.

Farm Planning

In any business, planning is essential. Through identifying the production risks and financial position of individual businesses the team will develop a comprehensive farm plan that addresses short to long-term ambitions.

Whole farm analysis of production of profitability

Through reviewing historical paddock production, soil type performance and profitability, we will get a clearer picture of your business and identify the strategies for improvement; does the business need to expand, improve efficiencies.


Benchmarking is the quickest and preferred method for comparing your business’s profitability against another. Farm360 have the largest database of Mallee farming businesses to compare against. The analysis allows you to evaluate your individual business and then focus on the areas of weakness to improve your overall profitability.


Are you happy with your current succession plan? Farm succession is one of the greatest challenges many farms face. Discussing the issues and happiness of family members as certain members transition can be difficult to address. Whilst it is important the business remains viable it is essential everyone is happy with the estate plan and subsequent succession. Farm360 consultants will guide and assist your family in implementing a succession plan that will hopefully please all members of the family farm.

Farm Boards

One of the weaknesses of family farms is they often don’t sit down and discuss the key issues and strategic direction of the business/farm. Having industry and trained experts incorporated into a “farm board” will not only add value but bring an outside view to strategic decisions and direction. Regular meetings can also help each family member to become aware of all areas of the business through structured discussion. Farm360 consultants can help establish and facilitate these meetings and ensure your business progresses.


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